An eye opening experience on Brussels and its multicultural identity

What is “Zinneguides” ? 

We are “conveyers of culture”, we love and cherish the cultural diversity that our city has to offer and our goal is to share this treasure with you by guiding you trough Brussels neighborhoods and allowing you to exchange with local communities.

More than a half/third of Brussels population is foreign-born, with people from over 180 nations currently calling it home. All immigrants that the city has welcomed through the years have shaped – and are shaping – what it is today.  

A “Zinneke” is a Brussels inhabitant who is not Belgian-born, and by extension, the cosmopolitan and multicultural aspect that makes Brussels so special and proud. In Brussels, it also refers to a mixed-breed dog.

We are Zinnekes who embrace and celebrate the rich cultural diversity of Brussels and seek to increase community awareness and appreciation of our collective heritage through our guided tours.

We are the Zinneguides!



Embark with us on an incredible journey trough the neighborhoods of Brussels and delve into the rich cultural heritage of the city with a local perspective

We will be trying to break down clichés and highlight the importance of immigration to the city (and country) as we visit immigrant owned businesses and create intercultural encounters

Our intercultural guides who are trained by a team of specialists in History, geography, migration, interculturality, tourism and socio-anthropology will be giving you a precious look in the background of the beautiful neighborhoods of Brussels and their cultural secrets

We also collaborate with the students of ISALT (Galilée College) in their Antropology class to help value and acknowledge the contribution of the astonishing variety of cultures, styles and nationalities that share the city

By signing up for a “Zinnebalade” you guarantee yourself an unforgettable experience in Brussels.

We invite you to get off the beaten track with us to discover the multiple facets of Brussels. Whether you have just arrived in Brussels, or if you are an echte Brusseleir, our tours will knock your socks off.

You will learn more than what you thought you knew about Brussels.

Our tours provide with insights of local communities that help you understand how and why a certain neighborhood is shaped up the way it is. You will meet wonderful people with lots of stories waiting to be shared, don’t hesitate, sign up for one of our tours and discover or re discover a neighborhood of the capital like you never did before !

We also offer tailor made guided tours that cater to your needs.


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Please feel free to contact us for further information we will be pleased to give you more details and answer all the questions you may have !

We are a citizens initiative that is not subsidized in order to allow us to remain independent.

The amount collected in a Zinnebalade guarantees additional income (paid volunteer work) to the Zinneguides and the surplus gives the opportunity to our participants living in modest conditions to benefit from reduced rates.